Chiropractic Upholstery

Stat! Upholstery has 18 years of experience and will reupholster your chiropractic tables expertly and efficiently.

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We know you lose revenue each hour you are without your chiropractic table, which is why we provide on-site, professional, re-upholstery service for all your chiropractic office needs. We offer a huge selection of medical grade vinyl, which is not only anti-microbial but mildew and odor resistant as well.  We can replace foam or an entire part.

We serve College Station, Bryan, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio,          El Paso and beyond!

Stat! Upholstery offers:

  • On site upholstery service
  • 18 years of experience
  • satisfaction guaranteed
  • large selection of medical grade vinyl
  • professional, friendly staff
  • custom upholstery work
  • free pick-up and installation
  • free estimates

Don't Know Your Model Number?

No problem!

We can help you find your model number when you call for a quote!

If your chiropractic tables need to be improved, let us know!  Upholstery for chiropractic tables is quicker and more affordable than ordering new!