Industrial Sewing

We create industrial sewing products with integrity by carefully following your industry standards and specifications.  We can assist with design.  We have vast experience making custom tarps, industrial nylon sleeves, breather socks, pipe covers, drain guards, etc.

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We work with a variety of clients for their contract sewing needs, from small businesses to large industries.  We manufacture Industrial Tarps, Custom Equipment Covers, Custom Vinyl Tarps, Custom Size Tarps, Air Breather Systems, Filter Bags, Sifter Socks, Conveyor Belt Catchers, Advertising Banners, Outdoor Fabric Awnings, Promotional Awnings, and more. If you can describe it, we can make it!  


We serve College Station, Bryan, Conroe, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Huntsville, Waco, Killeen, Spring, Tomball, San Antonio, El Paso and beyond!


We work with MidSouth Baking Company, Mississippi Baking Company, Caprock Development Company, LGL Animal Products, Savory Fine Foods, Sign Pro, St. Michael Episcopal School, Ride Solo and more!


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Our engineer/design team will work with you to design and create whatever product you need.  No product is too small or too large, including awnings, business banners, display banners, custom yard coverings, tree house toppers, conveyor belt catchers and more. We’d love to help you get back to business!


We know you value your employees and your equipment which is why its important to have Air Breather Systems, Filter Bags or Protective Tarps to keep your employees, equipment and product safe.


When work stops you lose revenue, which is why we will come to you and see exactly what you need. We will rush a job if needed because our business is getting you back to business. Call Stat! Upholstery at 888-880-STAT (7828).




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