The value of medical room upholstery and custom commercial awnings for your business in College Station, Bryan, Conroe, Huntsville, Waco, Killeen, Spring, Tomball, and beyond!

StatUpholstery does everything from custom upholstery for medical rooms to custom commercial awnings to restaurant booths.

Upholstery vinyl being one of our most used fabric for our medical upholstery and restaurant upholstery. 

Commercial upholstery fabrics for items like commercial fabric awnings, a ferno stair chair, and a stretcher chair wear out with time. When this happens call us!

Much like an upholstery fabric calculator, we can help you save money by offering you our upholstering and repairing services instead of you having to purchase expensive refurbished medical equipment and new commercial awnings.

Medical room equipment isn’t supposed to be lumpy and shredded. Do you have Bariatric stretchers, a ferno stair chair, or an emergency stretcher that fit that description?

We can help you to provide a more attractive quality care for your patients without having to buy new medical equipment or even new waiting room seating.

Reasons why you want to keep your medical equipment and furniture up to par include:

  • Ripped upholstery vinyl can irritate the skin which leads to greater discomfort for your patients.
  • Germs can get into ripped vinyl upholstery fabric and spread to equipment users. You don’t want your patients to contract diseases from the vinyl upholstery fabric that you may find on an emergency stretcher or ferno stair chair.
  • Medical equipment can slowly bend at the frame, causing someone to fall and hurt themselves. This can be a safety concern for both your staff working on patients and your patients.
  • A lumpy stretcher chair and shredded furniture reduces the impression of professionalism and credibility and can cause you to lose patients.

Upholstering refurbished medical equipment and using commercial upholstery fabric for your medical room is an investment to protect your patients and prevent you from having unnecessary liabilities.

Custom commercial awnings and commercial fabric awnings are used by many businesses.

Not only do they catch the attention of potential customers, but they also provide protection from the elements.

Some types of commercial upholstery fabric and even upholstery vinyl can be long lasting commercial awnings fabric.

Save money today and tomorrow!! Hire StatUpholstery to fulfill your upholstery needs with durable commercial upholstery fabrics and vinyl upholstery fabric.

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