What is a double-rub?  Why should I care?

We use the RIGHT vinyl so you won’t need a reupholstery for a long long time!

To make things even worse, the term double-rub is the result of the Wyzenbeek test.  No offense, Mr./Dr. Wyzenbeek—whoever you are.  You don’t even have your own Wikipedia page, so I’m totally concerned about you.  Anyone who is of any significance has his/her own Wikipedia page.  I digress…

So picture a mechanical arm with a piece of cotton duck stretched over it.  What’s duck?  Well, feel that denim you’re wearing.  Very rough.  This mechanical arm passes back and forth over the test subject in each direction.  Each back and forth motion equals one double-rub.  So that makes is 2 rubs for those of you that aren’t good at math.

What’s an adequate double-rub count?

Delicate Duty:  Less than 3,000 (Great for curtains in a home!)

Light Duty:  3,000-9,000 (Perfect for that formal dining room chair that gets used twice a year.)

Medium Duty:  9,000-15,000 (Living Room and daily-use breakfast rooms)

Heavy Duty:  15,000 (Appropriate for that teenager who lives on the sofa playing video games)

Let’s get serious:  We’re talking commercial applications:

Contract Upholstery minimums:  15,000 (Fine for general contract and commercial upholstery projects)

Heavy Duty Commercial:  15,000-30,000 (Suitable for single offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms and dining areas)

Extra-Heavy Duty:  30,000+ (Recommended for hospital waiting areas, airport terminals, fast food restaurants, theaters and stadiums.)

Stat!Upholstery recommends and uses a health-care approved vinyl that has tested past 1.8 million double-rubs.  Let’s write that out for clarification:  1,800,000.  That’s quite the improvement over what’s called heavy-duty.  Just sayin’…