Urgent care facilities are busier than ever, thanks to COVID-19, the crud you get from the coronavirus. You know what I’m talking about, the pandemic thing that’s going on. My husband developed a cough last month and since I was about to take a flight to see our daughter at college who is unable to come home due to the pandemic, I signed him up for a rapid-results test at one of our local urgent care providers, Brazos Valley Urgent Care. Fortunately his cough was indeed just allergies, and I was on my way! Thankfully no need to go to a hospital, but if we needed to we know all the hospitals and have terrific relationships with them because we do all their vinyl repairs, and upholstery repairs, exam bed repairs, medical bed repairs, dental chair repairs, and exam chair repairs.

Urgent care clinics are the perfect place to go when you need just that–urgent care! Unfortunately we are all in that position at one time or another, whether it’s a broken arm or leg, a cut that needs stitches, a sinus infection, the flu, or our new friend that has taken over every aspect of our lives, the coronavirus, who I like to call ‘Rona. Now that I’m thinking about it, she doesn’t deserve such a sweet name. She is in total control of our lives and has done nothing except wreak havoc. Gratefully, we know all about urgent care centers because we do their medical upholstery, exam bed upholstery, exam table upholstery, exam table repairs, doctor chair upholstery, doctor bed upholstery for many of these clinics.

 Let’s get back to those most important urgent care clinics. Stat! Upholstery started when I realized how much wear and tear those medical exam tables actually get. I believe that in every doctor’s office there is at least one, and possibly all the medical exam tables that need reupholstery. Yikes! Thus the medical upholstery company was born. How much faith can you have in your doctor when there is a rip or tear in the medical exam bed? What if you are the doctor and/or owner of the urgent care clinic and you have to look at those torn, outdated beds? No problem, call Stat! Upholstery we will make your exam beds, exam tables, and exam stools like new again. When we ask our clients how they found us they say we googled terms like, fix my doctor bed, fix my exam table, fix my doctor stool, or tear in my doctor bed, tear in my doctor stool, tear in my exam table, tear in vinyl, which is why we include those terms here.

Fortunately, Stat! Upholstery makes things simple for you. Call us, tell us the model number of the bed (Ritter 100, Ritter 104, Midmark 223, Midmark 404, Reliance 980, Hausman, Brewer, etc.) Have no fear if you can’t find it, because we can tell you where it is. Call us at 888-880-STAT (7828). You can also just send a photo of it to Super easy. We will send you a quote based on that information and we’ll send you a color chart of the most technologically advanced vinyl on the market which is rated for healthcare and features 1,800,000 double-rubs of durability. It comes in 57 gorgeous colors. It is the most remarkable medical grade vinyl and we use it on all hospital vinyl repairs, clinic vinyl repairs, but we also use it in RV upholstery, camper upholstery, travel trailer upholstery, boat upholstery, boat seat upholstery, mule upholstery, kawasaki upholstery, polaris upholstery, all ATV upholstery, and 4 wheel sport utility upholstery. It is so wonderful because it is also the leading marine vinyl and we use it for jet ski seat repairs, pontoon boats repairs, speed boat seat repairs, and more.

 We did a medical exam table at Texas Children’s Hospital last month in a gorgeous purple called “Crocus”. Super cute with their decor. This week we are going to the previously-mentioned Brazos Valley Urgent Care and doing 2 of their medical exam beds in Gunmetal, a favorite of ours and many of our customers. I’d show you pictures but I don’t know how to upload them to our website yet. Doing this blog is quite a stretch for me. I’ll get there! But at least I’m getting our SEO terms in which help you find us on the web. Here is an example: best upholsterer, best upholstery, medical upholstery, vinyl repair, repair my doctor table. It also helps when we list places we work such as Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, San Antonio Texas, Bryan Texas, College Station Texas, Navasota Texas, The Woodlands Texas, Montgomery Texas, Waco Texas, Killeen Texas, (don’t you love Jojo and Chip who have their Magnolia Store in Waco? We sure do! Who doesn’t love Fixer Up farmhouse style, and barn doors?) Hempstead Texas, Spring Texas, Cypress Texas, Navasota Texas, Bastrop Texas, Conroe Texas, Ft. Worth Texas, basically all of Texas. 

 We pray you are well and you must be bored or drunk to read this blog. It is mostly for SEO purposes. Take care Y’all, and go wash your eyes out for having to read this.