We are so grateful here at Stat! Upholstery. We have had the good fortune to not only work for amazing customers but we’ve gotten to complete many interesting, very customized projects. As you know, our friend ‘Rona, aka Coronavirus, COVID-19 has jacked with all of us.

We’ve reupholstered several Ritter 104 and Ritter 404 exam tables at Texas Children’s Hospital. We reupholstered 2 Ritter exam tables onsite at the Healthwise Clinic in Decatur, Texas. We created and installed a very large replacement awning at CHI St. Joseph building in the Tower Point area. (You can’t miss it–it’s BLUE!) We created and installed active-shooter security shades at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church here in College Station. We’ve made several custom tarps and breather socks for CH Guenther commercial bakery here in Bryan. We love delivering to them–the smell of fresh-baked buns is truly intoxicating!

We’ve also been involved in refurbishing an antique glider, which was done with a totally fun yellow polka-dot fabric. Very retro! The glider was used in a photo shoot for an advertisement for the home builder and we went out of our way to deliver it in time. There was a beautiful vintage room divider featuring cherubs done in gold leaf and beveled glass. There were thousands of tiny nails holding the old fabric in place. Not a fun job to strip, but the result was exquisite, and the piece was refurbished to its full potential.

The expensive toy folks were out in full-force as well. We’ve repaired jet skis, RV’s, tractor seats and boats. We love the responses of our customers when they are reunited with their prized possessions. We have so much fun seeing all the beautiful vinyl colors our customers select. Will they choose a new color for their recreational vehicle upholstery? Or do they want the character of the decor to remain the same? We reupholstered the pull-out convertible sofa of an Airstream that was in the middle of being refurbished. We’ll have to call that customer for the after photos for sure!

Also, we’ve made and installed custom draperies and for our designer clients, Old Bryan Marketplace and Revival Living Interiors. For Old Bryan Marketplace we did custom draperies in a crafts room for one of their repeat clients. The room is exquisite and the decor is so happy! Well done, Candace! We know the client will spend endless hours crafting in her beautiful new space!