Refurbished medical equipment in a medical room will make your patients have a more secure feeling about their care.

Stat!Upholstery will provide you with an alternative to buying new items such as a Ritter 104 exam table, Sun chiropractic tables, Lloyd chiropractic tables, a Midmark 404 exam table or other Midmark table. What better way to save money? Upholstery is a better solution than buying a used chiropractic table, used dental chairs or used hospital furniture.

You bought quality items such as a Ritter 104 exam table, Sun chiropractic tables, Lloyd chiropractic tables, a Midmark 404 exam table, Brewer basic exam table, or a Ferno stair chair, from good manufacturers such as Reliance Medical. They will last a long time, but different parts will wear out quicker. We are here to provide an alternative to buying new or even used, when all you need is upholstery.  We can save you money by reupholstering everything in your medical, dental, chiropractic, or veterinary office instead of buying new or even used.

We service College Station, Texas, Bryan, Texas, Conroe, Texas, Huntsville,Texas, Waco,Texas, Kileen,Texas, Spring Texas, Tomball,Texas, The Woodlands, and beyond!

How Can You Recover So Quickly on Healthcare Equipment from Used Chiropractic Equipment to Dental Chairs to a Stretcher Chair or Chair Stretcher.

Time is money. This is why at Stat! Upholstery we practice “Quick Turnaround, No Down Time”. Cancelling appointments comes at a heavy price for both the practice and the patient. Down time to reinstall new hospital furniture could mean a patient’s condition worsening and your profit margins decreasing.

So how do we do reduce the down time so drastically when you need hospital furniture, healthcare equipment or medical room items upholstered?

By planning ahead using our expertise in the field. Whether you need a Ritter 104 Exam Table, chair stretcher, dental chair, or other Reliance Medical equipment upholstered, we can make that happen without you losing any business.

Medical, Dental, Chiropractic Office Furniture Upholstery

Let’s say you’ve chosen a fabulous color of vinyl for your Reliance Medical 980 or 710 Procedure Chair, Apex Procedure Chair, or Ritter 104 Exam Table from one of the 100’s of vinyl choices on the upholstery color card we’ve sent to you.  After the vinyl’s been ordered and received, our professionals get started right away on your project.

Clients always ask us questions such as how can we start on a project with a Ritter 104 exam table if it is still in my office?

Simple again!  We have patterns for most exam tables, procedure chairs or chiropractic tables.  We love reupholstering hospital furniture and medical equipment of various sizes. We can pick up your exam table on Friday night, and reinstall it on Monday morning before your office opens to patients.

We’ll make your hospital furniture, used chiropractic equipment, and dental chairs look brand new!

Since we can reupholster and reinstall everything during your normal closed hours, you’ll lose no work hours and have equipment that looks brand new. So there’s no need to purchase new or used medical equipment.  We can make your sun chiropractic tables, dental chair upholstery, and Midmark 404 exam table for patients look and perform like new with minimal (if any) inconvenience to you!  We also replace foam and fluid barriers when warranted.

For chiropractic offices, some of the equipment that we can upholster are Sun chiropractic tables, Lloyd chiropractic tables, Hill chiropractic tables, used chiropractic equipment, chiropractic roller table, chiropractic drop table, and more.

For dental offices, some of the equipment we upholster are dental chairs as part of our dental chair upholstery service which, of course, could include a portable dental chair or used dental chairs. The dental upholstery service would also include dental stools. Even one dental stool deserves our TLC. If it needs upholstering, we can help!

General healthcare and other medical related furniture would include hospital furniture, used hospital equipment, stretcher chair, bariatric stretchers, emergency stretcher, Brewer basic exam table, treatment tables and the list goes on and on.

Stat!Upholstery is the premiere medical, dental and chiropractic upholsterer in central Texas.